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How Fed. Chairman Powell Stole Christmas

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Rich Kasparian Blog                                                                                                                                         

December 28, 2018

How Fed. Chairman Powell Stole Christmas!!                                  


On Christmas morning when Fed. Chairman Powell and his New World order friends checked their Stockings, they should have pulled out stats of 3.5% GDP, highest labor participation rate, lowest unemployment rate for most demographics, manufacturing jobs returning and increased holiday spending…Instead they pulled out a lump of coal with the threat of increased interest rates which has sent the market downward for no single economic reason. The Fed. essentially uses a 2% inflation model to determine rates and this drives their thoughts on rate increases. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) is a subjective index that constantly substitutes goods for one another which ultimately makes inflation look lower. This is math only available in the DC bubble.


The Federal Reserve is supposed to be in place to stabilize but they have a long history of tanking markets just because they can. Take Alan Greenspan, who was treated like a god by the media. In the year 1999 the internet stocks were going wild and it made Greenspan furious. He took it upon himself to continuously raise rates which tanked the market in 2000-2001. He later even admitted it in Money Magazine that he had to stop the fury!!! So, it was Alan’s job to tank the market then and Powell’s job to try to do it now.


So, we must ask why? The economy looks strong. Holiday sales from retail have been strong. So, we must believe the Fed Chairman is worried that he will be paying more for his spiked Eggnog next year if he doesn’t continue to raise rates….  Maybe it’s more sinister than that and simply that he and his friends prefer to keep the world order as is with overseas labor and manufacturing and a vanishing middle class.  The one glitch in their plan is that after 30 years of this the people of the U.S., Italy, England, France, Hungary, Poland, and Brazil and many other countries are fighting back!!

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