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Market Crunch Time
Rich Kasparian Blog
January 22, 2019

The Return to the Land of Oz 


Just a few short weeks ago the market seemed to be collapsing around us for no apparent reason at all. All good economic numbers are being reported almost daily. Manufacturing up, GDP up, Wages up, labor participation up, food stamps down. In some cases, the best numbers in decades or in our history. So, the question is why?  As we roll back the curtain, we realize that the Wizard is really the “masters of the virtual universe” aka Davos Globalist Crowd” who seem to be tanking the market almost on purpose.

You might say this crazy and far- fetched …They would never do something like that. Well, history shows us something very different.  Not to pick on Alan Greenspan (like I did in my last blog) but he virtually tanked the market in 2000 because he thought it was too high, George Soros broke the Bank of England in 1992 by investing against the British Pound and crushed many other markets and economies because he could, recently Fed Chairman Powell quickly raised rates and threatened more increases to create a tail spin. You see the “Wizards” make even more on the way down while investors many times are holding the bag.

The good news is: You can’t hold a good economy down for very long! We have seen a rise back up in the last few weeks with gains in the Dow, S&P, and the Russell 2000.

This is why, some sort of protection is key on your investments against the players behind the curtain.

So, word of caution don’t always follow the yellow brick road ………Protect what you’ve worked hard for!!

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